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Funny things about meditation retreats

21 Jun

So you thought meditation retreats were serious affairs and meditators were grumpy old folk.

Check out this laugh-out-loud piece written by an irreverent soul. 🙂

Funny things abt meditation retreats

What is dukkha?

17 Dec

For a newcomer it might appear that the Buddha was a pessimist since he stressed dukkha and its causes and eradication. It might appear that Buddhism claims that our lives are inevitably filled with suffering; however that impression is incorrect. It is very,very important to be clear about this central word which appears in all sects of Buddhism. What exactly is it and what is it not?

“Things are dukkha because they are impermanent and therefore unreliable. Actually, dukkha is natural and not suffering. It becomes suffering when the mind identifies with phenomena and grasps. The meaning of dukkha that conveys this process is derived from the breakdown of the word into du, which means “apart from” and kha—or akash—which means “space.” This gives the sense of being apart from the spacious, the perfect, and the complete. In this way dukkha conveys the deepest anguish and dilemma of the self, which is its state of separation from the whole.”

Here’s a wonderful explanation: Dukkha, explained

You don’t have to be anybody special

11 Nov



“To be no one special means we are psychologically free of the illusion of I-as-a-Me—we no longer see ourselves as a unique self, independent of the world around us. Not holding-on to any particular view or opinion, or the stories about our past and who we are, or the many self-images and identities we use to define our Me—what remains? The presence of just being. This gives us an experiential taste of our most authentic self, with the inner knowing that who we truly are—our basic connectedness—is more than just our self-images, our stories, our body.”


This can be the beginning of the understanding of the idea of anatta (no-self in Pali)

Check out this article

No one special to be

The trap of the Guru

25 Aug

Beware the charismatic Guru.

Remember that the Buddha asks us to be a guru unto ourselves.

Read this excellent piece on the pitfalls of guru worship, taken from the Tricycle website…

Beware the charsimatic guru


How to have a mind full of good?

28 Jun

We all know that there’s a bottleneck built into the brain: its evolved negativity bias that makes it like Velcro for bad experiences but Teflon for good ones – which makes it harder to turn beneficial experiences into inner strengths.

So, how do we turn these good experiences into inner strengths?

Dr. Rick Hanson, neuropsychologist and author of “Buddha’s Brain” explains…

Mind Full of Good – Rick Hanson



Buddhist logic

23 Jun

Here’s a very interesting essay by Graham Priest on Buddhist logic.


Buddhist philosophy is full of contradictions. Now modern logic is learning why that might be a good thing

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