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A Letter

4 Aug

Here’s a letter from Henry Rollins, originally written for children, but it’s equally appropriate for adults.

letter 2 children

Live your life

28 Jul

Here’s an inspirational video (and a poster below that) not exactly connected with education and teaching.

It’s true that the video is a bit simplistic in its theme – not everyone can afford to quit a job they don’t like and similarly for some of the other homilies in the video.

However, the overall theme – that life is basically simple and not really so complicated – that message seems to be enduring and true.

Whadya think?

And here’s the poster:

life is simple

Slow Dance

2 Jul

In these hurried times, a message to slow down….

The paradox of our times

2 Jul

A message from His Holiness, the Dalai Lama

Genius of the crowd

26 Jun
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